In this YouTube video by Personal Power, the host Benjamin explains the Socratic Method of reasoning. The Socratic Method is based on asking questions, rather than presenting information to counter the opponent. It does no good to start arguing at the outset, because both sides will dig in and not move from their positions. To ask questions is more inviting and hospitable; it makes you and your conversation partner more open to new ideas.

Benjamin lists 6 questions, or groups of questions that can be asked during the session. You don’t need to follow them in order, but ask them as they become pertinent in your conversation.

  1. Why do you have this belief?
  2. Are there similar beliefs, from different points of view?
  3. What is the evidence for this belief?
  4. Are there different beliefs?
  5. Why do you have this belief? Why is it important to you?
  6. What are the consequences of having this belief? What are the consequences of giving it up?

By following the Socratic Method, we can determine not just the truth of our assumptions, but whether it’s worth maintaining a relationship with certain people. Most people should be open to questions, but one isn’t, they probably have something to hide, or have sinister intentions. This is a good way to detect narcissists.