The Gamestop stock short squeeze, along with other “meme stocks,” has led to talk about a short squeeze on silver. It’s true that silver is highly undervalued, but there’s no agreement whether there will be a mass buy-in of it like what we saw last week. Plenty of posters on the WallStreetBets subReddit say the ones hyping up silver are the very same hedge funds who lost their shirts on the meme stock shorts. In other words, another example of Wall Street manipulation. Whether the Reddit crowd is going after silver or not, it’s a good idea to own some in any case.

In this video by GoldSilver w/ Mike Maloney, the host explains that gold and silver are stores of value against inflation. In fact, the U.S. Constitution says gold and silver are to be the only true money in the country (Article 1, Section 10). Ever since 1971, when the dollar was taken off the gold standard, inflation has steadily increased and the value of people’s bank accounts has dropped in proportion. The wealthy members of society store their wealth in assets like commodities and stocks; therefore the Federal Reserve’s continuous printing of dollars amounts to a transfer of wealth to the rich from the poor and middle classes.

Also mentioned in the video, it’s better to own physical silver than shares in a silver trust or stock in silver producers. Anything but physical silver can be manipulated in financial records, and this is probably why it’s undervalued today- silver is much rarer than its price would suggest. The same goes for gold. I like to think if Bitcoin existed in the 18th Century, America’s founding fathers would include it in the Constitution.