Month: February 2021

Crypto Newbies’ First Dip: It’s Not A Crash, This Is Normal

This YouTube video by Crypto Zombie discusses the current value drop in almost all cryptocurrencies. The month of February saw all time highs, new investors, and Elon Musk joining the movement. The drop from this past week probably seems scary for everyone who is new. To anyone who has held these assets for 6 months or longer, this is normal. Throughout 2020, holders wondered if Bitcoin would every break to above $20,000. Today it’s over $43,000, although it almost reached $60K this month.

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Animation News: Japanese Animators’ Low Wages, And Quality Compared To The West

This YouTube video by Clownfish TV reports on the scandalously low earnings of animators in Japan, despite the explosion in anime’s popularity. Not only is Japanese animation high quality compared to that from the U.S., there’s an abundance of it. There is also an abundance of young and eager animators in Japan, and the huge labor pool keeps wages down. The creators of comics, or manga, tend to be better off because they can be more individualistic in their art and storytelling styles.

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Cryptocurrency News: Cardano Is Breaking Out. Why?

This week has seen a price drop in most cryptocurrencies, led by Bitcoin. The previous 2 to 3 weeks saw cosmic growth of most crypto assets, therefore we’re seeing a correction and sideways consolidation this week. In contrast, the Cardano project and its native currency ADA are breaking out, possibly to new all time highs. This is because of some announcements by its developers and moves by large investment firms. The following YouTube video by Altcoin Daily provides us with a report.

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How To Persuade People And Detect Narcissists: The Socratic Method

In this YouTube video by Personal Power, the host Benjamin explains the Socratic Method of reasoning. The Socratic Method is based on asking questions, rather than presenting information to counter the opponent. It does no good to start arguing at the outset, because both sides will dig in and not move from their positions. To ask questions is more inviting and hospitable; it makes you and your conversation partner more open to new ideas.

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Working Out With Pain: Get Back The Right Way

In your fitness journey, pain in muscles and joints is inevitable. I’m currently experiencing it in my Achilles tendon. Should you continue working out while you have these problems? Not without addressing the pain and recovering from the underlying issues.

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