Month: January 2021

Make Money With Photos: Shutterstock Tips For Beginners

In this video, Oliver King gives tips on what kind of photographs sell well on Shutterstock. The best images are ones that advertisers and media outlets can use, so they should be relevant to a business or reflect current events.

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6 Minute Abs Workout

This video by Funk Roberts gives us a quick workout for our abs and core. I plan to do this in combination with Funk’s 20-minute dumbbell workout. Both of these workouts utilize metabolic conditioning, in which you do as many reps as possible in 40 seconds, rest 20 seconds, then do the same with all the exercises in the plan. Metabolic training can steadily grow muscle and burn fat simultaneously.

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Brave Browser Review: Why Aren’t You Using This?!?

The internet browser Brave has been available for a few years, but hasn’t quite cracked the mainstream. But it should. It is open sourced and based on both Chromium, which powers Chrome, and the Ethereum blockchain. Privacy is a main pillar of its development, and it uses an innovative method of delivering ads to users. Finally, it has its own cryptocurrency called BAT which lets users earn income from viewing ads and creating content.

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