Month: January 2021

What Is Staking? Passive Income With Cryptocurrency

Staking is a way for many cryptocurrencies and blockchains to run their transactions. People and groups who stake can earn recurring crypto income. This video by 99Bitcoins explains the process with Ethereum as an example. There are steep barriers to staking, but the video mentions ways ordinary people can join in.

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Bitcoin News: Crash, Recovery, Just Another Week

In this YouTube video by Crypto Zombie, the host KDub reflects on the recent extreme drop in Bitcoin’s price, and its current stabilization. The price of one Bitcoin went over $40,000 last week, and its growth in the charts was practically vertical since Christmas. A correction was inevitable, and the question is how low it will drop. KDub lists some possibilities, and the lowest bottom seems to be just above $20,000. Just 2 months ago, $20K seemed like an unbreakable barrier to rise above.

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Narcissistic Control: When You Say, No More

In this YouTube video by Surviving Narcissism, Dr. Les Carter discusses what happens when victims of narcissistic abuse stand up for themselves. In these relationships, a narcissist is fixated on making the other person into something they’re not, and has no respect for the other’s individuality. When victims realize their self worth, they start setting up boundaries and hopefully cut themselves off from their abusers. The abusers will obviously lash out with loaded questions, demands, passive aggression, or even threats and slander. The victim is made to feel guilt and shame for not conforming, but it’s really the narcissist who has the character defect.

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Free Speech In Crisis: Twitter Loses $5 Billion, Alternative Platform Parler Banned

In this Bitchute video by TheQuartering, host Jeremy reports on Twitter losing almost $5 billion in stocks after permanently banning President Trump. The riot in the United States Capitol building during Trump’s election rally is profoundly controversial. Twitter, Facebook, and the mainstream media claim Trump incited the riot to intimidate members of Congress. But his supporters maintain that the attackers were Antifa members posing as supporters.

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