Month: January 2021

How Narcissists Gain Power

In this YouTube video by Surviving Narcissism, Dr. Les Carter reveals the main reason narcissists gain power and control over their victims. It is that the victim is never taught to understand their emotions as children. Dr. Carter calls this “trained incompetence.” Whether neglect happened in the family or in school, victims aren’t prepared for the manipulation and arrogation of narcissism and other dark personality disorders.

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4 Step Process To Standing Up For Yourself

In this YouTube video by Charisma On Command, we learn what to do in uncomfortable standoffs. In a conversation when someone is trying to manipulate or humiliate us, it helps to follow these steps to either shut the attempt down or disengage. The video uses examples with Robert Downey Jr and Russel Brand to demonstrate the “NICE” method. The steps are: 1. Nonverbal Warning; 2. Indirect Warning; 3. Callout; and 4. Exit.

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BBC News: BBC Can’t Find A CEO As Audiences Turn Away

In this YouTube video by Clownfish TV, the host Kneon reports on the BBC’s struggles to find a new CEO. The British people are turning away from the public tv network over several factors. “Doctor Who” is its flagship entertainment program, but has alienated fans over the same far left politics that plague “Star Wars,” “Star Trek,” Marvel and DC comics, and entertainment in general. Not mentioned in this video is BBC’s news division, which has run afoul of the Brexit movement and other populist sentiments.

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Struggling Gamestop Explodes In Stock Price: Ecommerce Is The Future

In this YouTube video by the funny and self-deprecating Camelot331, we learn how the retail chain Gamestop is undergoing changes, and how the stock market is reacting. Gamestop has 3 new members of its board, chief among them is Ryan Cohen. Cohen is the cofounder and former CEO of Chewy, which sells pet food online. This, combined with the announcement of about 1,000 Gamestop brick-and-mortar locations closing, signals that the company will change its focus to online sales.

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