Month: January 2021

Gamestop Stock: Robinhood Alternatives

In the continuing Wall Street drama about Gamestop, popular trading apps such as Robinhood have blocked further purchasing of the stock. There is a mainstream backlash against Robinhood now, so here is a list of online trading platforms that you can use instead.

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Banking Explained: Fractional Reserve Banking

This video by Jake Tran gives a simplified summary of the banking industry, and how it’s able to print limitless money. Banks make revenue by collecting interest on loans. Using a hypothetical scenario, Tran explains that a bank is required to keep only 10% of your deposited money, and can loan the rest to other customers. Those loans are deposited in other people’s bank accounts, which can be loaned again, and the cycle continues.

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Ageism In The WorkPlace: Animators Over 40 Pushed Out

In this video by Clownfish TV, Kneon and Geeky Sparkles discuss older animators either leaving or being pushed out of Western studios. In decades past, animators could keep their jobs into their 60’s and even 70’s. They would pass on their knowledge to younger generations, and preserve aspects of the art while still enabling progress. Nowadays, it’s rare to find animators over the age of 40 in studios. Either the companies refuse to pay their salaries, or they find better opportunities going into business for themselves.

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How To Expose Narcissistic Abuse: Set Boundaries First

In this video by Stephanie Lyn Coaching, Stephanie Lyn explains why it doesn’t work to directly tell other people about a narcissist. Instead, you must create conditions in which the narcissist exposes themself. Narcissists create a public image of themselves as better than they are, and appeal to other people’s emotions. If you’re in an abusive relationship with a narcissist and want validation, you’ll need to separate yourself from that circle.

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