In this YouTube video by Overlord DVD, Dictor Van Doomcock and his sidekick Harvey Cthulu discuss the internal politics at Lucasfilm. Having watched past videos, I wonder if Doomcock uses his supervillain schtick to protect his identity and those of his informants inside the entertainment industry. Either that, or it’s just a fun play on Hollywood gossip reporting. Whenever he gets news, he’s always careful to treat it as rumor, then refer back to it when it’s proven true later.

Doomcock and Harvey are among the many stern YouTube detractors criticizing the entertainment industry. Entertainment has been left leaning for many decades, but has ramped up its propaganda to psychotic levels in the last 5 to 10 years. Here, we learn that Luke Skywalker appearing in “The Mandalorian” was a huge hit, because he’s depicted as the hero Star Wars fans always knew he was. “The Mandalorian” is run by John Favreau and Dave Filoni, executives at Lucasfilm who are loyal to George Lucas’ original vision.

The chief executive at Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, doesn’t share that loyalty, however. She was in control during the making of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, and subverted Luke into a malcontented coot, among other mishaps. Simply because Luke is a straight cisgendered white male. I discussed in a previous post why this angered fans in all demographics.

There is a strange dynamic at Lucasfilm, and the corporate entertainment industry in general. “Social justice” is a far left philosophy that claims to support disadvantaged minorities and women, but is actually a weapon against existing culture and true justice. In the video, Doomcock and Harvey dig into the social justice warriors’ twisted reasoning.