In this video by Clownfish TV, hosts Kneon and Geeky Sparkles discuss (and mock) news out of the University of Michigan over a list of “banned” words and phrases. This includes “picnic,” which has been called racist by leftists for years, despite evidence it derives from a French phrase for outdoor parties. The whole story is laughable, and will be fuel for satire for many months to come.

On a more serious note, however, this is a sign of subversion by sinister actors. It has long been suspected that communist and socialist sympathizers have infiltrated institutions of higher learning. The scholar Theodore Dalrymple has famously connected political correctness with communist propaganda. The goal of both of those efforts is to humiliate the public, as well as break down its moral and cultural framework. Going deeper, we know from psychology that narcissists like to humiliate their victims. By undercutting their victims’ moral foundation, communists and narcissists seek to lower the chances of resistance and control them.

If we understand this, we can better defend our culture, society, and liberty. Watch the video, and click the link below to Clownfish TV’s YouTube page and resources.