Social Justice Explained: Star Wars And The Civil War At Lucasfilm

In this YouTube video by Overlord DVD, Dictor Van Doomcock and his sidekick Harvey Cthulu discuss the internal politics at Lucasfilm.

Doomcock and Harvey are among the many stern YouTube detractors criticizing the entertainment industry. Entertainment has been left leaning for many decades, but has ramped up its propaganda to psychotic levels in the last 5 to 10 years. Here, we learn that Luke Skywalker appearing in “The Mandalorian” was a huge hit, because he’s depicted as the hero Star Wars fans always knew he was.

iOS vs Facebook: What Will Happen To Facebook Ads?

n this YouTube video, marketing professional Ben Heath discusses the announced updates to iOS and how it will affect advertising on Facebook. Apple is taking steps to protect the privacy of its users, but Facebook has always tracked personal data to enable effective advertisements for its business clients. If you run a business and rely on Facebook for leads, this can be a scary time.

Business Ideas: Digital Products To Sell In 2021

This YouTube video by Aurelius Tjin lists 5 digital products and services you can sell. They are, digital prints on Etsy, content repurposing (for example, make an ebook from YouTube content), product reviews, graphics templates, and email marketing templates.

Decentralized Finance Explained

This video by 99Bitcoins gives an introduction to decentralized finance, or defi. Traditional financial services are operated by companies and organizations with centralized authority. This means customers might be at the mercy of unscrupulous individuals. Defi is intended to take that power away and put into computer programs called smart contracts.

Investing: Derivatives Explained

This series of videos by explains what financial derivatives are. They are contracts whose value is based on the value of another asset. A recent video by Ivan On Tech explained there is massive opportunity in Ethereum derivatives, so it helps to know what derivatives are in the first place.

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